Shaki Waterfall

Shaki Waterfall, Shaki
Shaki Waterfall, Shaki

On the plateau near the town of Sisian, in the midst of unusual vegetation, the highest waterfall in Armenia named Shaki can be unfolded. The water flows down from a height of about 18 m. Above all, this waterfall impresses with its width. It offers a magnificent natural spectacle. The fascinating waterfall of Shaki is located in the Vorotan Gorge in the province of Syunik. This province is located in the southern part of Armenia and is the largest and most picturesque waterfall in Armenia. It is surrounded by wonderful landscapes created by the chain of the Zangezur Mountains. The area of Syunik is remarkable for its fluctuations in height. The highest point is the mountain Kaputjugh (3,906 m above sea level), and the lowest part is the depression in the Megri Gorge (375 m above sea level).

This region was named after the historic Syunik area, which was the largest one in Great Armenia. The famous Tatev Monastery and the longest cable car in the world are located in this province, making this region a dream sight and a popular destination in Armenia.

The biggest cities are Kapan, Goris, Sisian, and Meghri. Kapan is the municipal centre of the province. This mining town dates back to the 10th century and offers visitors a unique and beautiful architecture. The town of Goris is also a very beautiful and interesting place. Syunik offers delicious Armenian cuisine, while Sisian is famous for its cheese. The excavations in the area where the waterfall was formed show that human development had unprecedented speed here. In addition, the district of the waterfall is a kind of archaeological storage in which over a dozen old caves are dug out. The area around Shaki Waterfall is a unique architectural depot. Many ancient caves have been explored here and even the international scientific community intends to make them a reserve. Relatively deep caves, steep slopes, cool and noisy water make a strikingly beautiful fall that charms people with its majestic appearance. The huge amount of water fills the atmosphere with amazing freshness. The finds in the area include remains of ashes dating back to the Stone Age.

There are some interesting legends associated with Shaki Waterfall. According to the first legend, a girl named Shaki fascinated a conqueror with her beauty, hence, he ordered to bring her to him. Since the beautiful woman did not love him, she threw herself from a high rock. It is believed that as she fell, her long dress opened and formed the waterfall and it was named Shaki after her. According to the second legend, 93 virgins from the Gegharkunik Province were abducted and sent to the conqueror who was in the war in Mughan at that time. When the virgins reached the camp, they asked to bathe in the river, as they wanted to present themselves clean. The virgins were allowed to swim in the river and after they undressed, they immediately disappeared in the river. Blue-eyed Shaki was among those 93 virgins, who tried to escape. The conquerors could reach her, but at that moment a rock appeared in the river and the water that fell from it protected the girl. So the waterfall and the village around it were named after the girl named Shaki. Shaki Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia and attracts more and more visitors every year.

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