Parz Lake

Dilijan, Parz lake
Dilijan, Parz lake
Dilijan, Parz lake

One of the main tourist destinations in Armenia is cautiously "hidden" in Dilijan like an unpolished diamond, surrounded by natural wonders whose overall combination creates a timeless image. The Armenians would immediately guess that it is about Lake Parz (meaning "clear"). Parz Lich is located in Dilijan National Park, in the north of the town of Dilijan at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. The lake covers an area of 2 hectares and is 5-10 meters deep, 385 meters long and 85 meters wide. Although the lake is small, its surrounding area has much to offer to each of its visitors, such as four-wheeled motorcycles, boats, crafts, fishing, and camping.

It is said that "what the poet wants is mountains, and what a tourist might want after a whole day of travel is, without a doubt, a full dinner". There is a first class lakeside restaurant that serves delicious Armenian cuisine. The wooden chairs and tables give every visitor the feeling of dining in nature, accompanied by the pleasing sounds of the lake’s water. The restaurant itself looks like a typical Armenian country house with its modest appearance and decor. In general, in summer, when the temperature is high, it is the best time to head in tht direction of lakes and similar water areas. During that period the sun shines in the sky, and visitors can take full advantage of their activities. This is undoubtedly correct, but every tourist may have one’s own interests and preferences. In the case of Lake Parz, everybody’s preferences will coincide because of its charming location. As already mentioned, the lake is situated in the town of Dilijan and is surrounded by a forest, which is enough to make the lake beautiful in any season, of course, with some restrictions on activities.

You can only imagine how marvelous the lake looks during summer, as it appears in its full colors, with the stunning swans swimming on the clear surface of the lake. It is known to everyone that autumn hides inexplicable magic, which everybody interprets in its own way. The trees adorned with yellow and red leaves together with the lake which is not frozen yet, look like the most impressive painting created by a talented artist. In winter, the forest is covered with snow and makes the lake look like one of the most peaceful places on earth, where the silence of the lake and the harmony of the surrounding nature provide peace and serenity that your spirit may have longed for. In spring, when the weather is relatively warm and the sun shines brightly in the sky it is possible to explore the lake, enjoy long strolls and take memorable photos of this heavenly spot. No one would ever dare to leave this place, without unfolding the major landmarks of this region, including historical monuments and holy sites, that are undoubtedly worth seeing in historical Armenia. Upon your wishes, it is possible to reach the desired destination on a horse. Not far from the lake the well-known Haghartsin, Goshavank, Djukhtak, Matosavank Monasteries can be revealed. The lake is a must visit destination if you are a nature lover and appreciate peace and tranquility.

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