Flora & Fauna

Armenia has a rich flora and fauna. There are around 12,000 animals, 11,000 of which are insects and invertebrates. Around 75 species of mammals, 43 species of reptiles, 308 species of birds. There are also many endemic animal species, such as Bezoar goats, Armenian mouflon, Caucasian pheasant, Armenian gampr, Armenian mountain otter, Middle Eastern leopard, etc.

In the past, the animal world of Armenia was more diverse, people even talked about huge elephants and so-called old elephants ("elephas armenicus"), bison herds and wild horses. The number of animal species has dropped due to weather conditions. Today, red and black deer and foxes can be found in the forested areas. Armenia is also home to many Alpine residents such as ibex, mouflon and birds of prey.

The country is also rich in insects. There are many types of grasshoppers and beetles. They are particularly widely-spread in the Khosrov nature reserve, which is located in the province of Ararat, southeast of the capital, Yerevan. Especially on the hot early summer days you should wear sturdy shoes, to secure yourself from the snakes that can be seen along the hiking trails.

Many bird species also give Armenian nature a special attraction. A lot of birds can be revealed in the area around Lake Sevan. There is also a small island known as the Seagull Island. The best-known type of fish is the trout, which is called "Ishkhan". The number of trout in Lake Sevan has dropped significantly in recent years.

The rich flora complements the animal world and thus forms the beautiful nature of Armenia, which one can admire, as such a small country offers such a great diversity. More than 3,200 plant species grow in Armenia. 120 of them only grow in Armenia and bear the names of Armenian places. Together with the Middle East, Armenia is home to many plants, such as wild pear, apricot and grapes, which are particularly tasty in this area. It is even said that this is due to the bright Armenian sun. The rich flora is the result of Armenia’s natural development, the special geographic location of the country and the mountainous area. Armenia is poor in forests (10% of the area). In the northeast, the forests cover 30% of the area. Beeches and some oaks and pines may be found here. Ash trees, maples, walnuts etc. grow in southeastern forests. The only plane park in Armenia is located in Zangezur, in the basin of Tsav river. Here, the priests used to read their prayers in ancient times. The alpine meadows, covered with many vivid, colorful flowers are particularly beautiful and create a wonderful impression on the observers. This area is also very important for animal husbandry.

The flora and fauna gives Armenia a special attraction as a travel destination. Take your time and enjoy the fresh mountain air and the pleasant smell of the colorful field of flowers!