Yerevan: Old City Tour and Traditional Photo Shoot

Photo Atelier Marashlyan, Marashlyan, Marashlyan Photo Studio
Photo Atelier Marashlyan, Marashlyan, Marashlyan Photo Studio
Yerevan, Capital of Armenia
Yerevan, Capital of Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, the homeland of ancient culture in every corner of its neighbourhoods. Armenia Tour invites you to immerse yourself on a discovery trip of the old and well-preserved streets during a walking tour. In the morning we will meet at the Republic Square in order to start the walking tour. Our journey will start from one of the oldest parts of the city called "Kond", which means the long hill. From the first sight on this district it will pass you the ghetto feeling, however, it used to be the flourishing quarter of the capital. Kond was built in the 17th century under the Persian command, and this is the reason why some of its half-destroyed structures represent unique Islamic architectural features. It is considered as a part of the national identity of both Armenian and Iranian peoples. According to "Yerevan Project" it is planned to reconstruct Kond and make it an appealing touristic destination, with many shops, restaurants, and galleries. We will proceed through "the tunnel of time" and in 20 minutes we will appear in a site called "Yerevan Children’s Railway", which known in Armenian as Mankakan Erkatughi. It is a Soviet amusement park, situated in the canyon of the River Hrazdan. Also here, we will explore the old train station, structures built on the Soviet-style, the pure nature while hearing and admiring the pouring river. During the summertime, the old men spend their day by fishing and the children by swimming far away from the daily routine.

After inhaling the Soviet atmosphere, our walking will continue towards St Sargis Church, another masterpiece represents a typical spiritual Armenian ambiance. The first impression of this church is the lasting smell of the candles and the oils. If we are lucky enough we can even witness traditional Armenian wedding in the church as it hosts loving couples throughout Armenia almost every day. St Sargis or Armenian Valentine is the guarding Saint of all lovers, for this reason, many lovebirds want to receive blessings from him. In addition, the very strategic location of the church gives it the feature of gifting its visitors' stunning panoramic views over the river and the townscape. From this point, 16th century Yerevan fortress and legendary Ararat Brandy Factory will catch your eye immediately. Lastly but not least, we will pass through the classical Soviet Bazaar, named "Closed market" (Pak Shuka) which was constructed in 1952. Although it has turned into a modern market, its exterior has remained untouched. Finally, we will pass from the Christian culture to a Persian mark known as the "Blue Mosque", with its quite impressive garden. This building is one of the few Islamic structures in Armenia. There are certain guidelines to follow before you enter the mosque:

• You should be appropriately dressed

• Women should put on a headscarf when entering the mosque

• You should ask for the guard’s permission before taking a walk in the garden of the mosque.

Overall, this is another face of Yerevan where the combination of old cultures appears, far away from the modernity but glorified in every single part of it! After the discovery of the hidden corners of Yerevan, you will be invited to Marashlyan’s atelier to have a photo shoot, wearing traditional Armenian garments of different regions of historical Armenia. This will be a perfect conclusion of your day, as visiting this photo studio has already become an exciting experience not only for local but also for non-Armenians.

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