Armenian Craft, Made with Your Own Hands

Armenian Khachkar, Khachkar, Stone-carving
Armenian Khachkar, Khachkar, Stone-carving
Armenian Khachkar, Khachkar, Stone-carving
Armenian Khachkar, Khachkar, Stone-carving

Spend an hour to create a traditional Armenian artifact. Learn to create a piece of this ageless country on a special artisanal tour. Armenia is a country known for its craftsmanship. You are therefore invited to learn the historic secrets of its handicraft traditions, as well as to create a souvenir with your very own hands. On this tour you will attend a workshop in one of the best hidden places in Yerevan: the Khachkar’s open-air workshop-studio, located on Aram’s Street in the downtown. Leave for your tour in the morning and head to Hambik’s studio, in which you will discover a huge collection of cross-stones exhibited all around the workshop. Here, you can observe the tradition of Armenian stone carving up close, and spark some inspiration for your own project. Learning under the master’s guidance and supervision, you'll soon be able to carve traditional Armenian patterns on a small piece of volcanic stone. Please note that this craft is very messy, with clouds of orange dust forming when you cut into the stone, so take the master's advice and wear a comfortable t-shirt for the class. Of course, no work of art can be created without a real effort, so expect your clothes to be covered in dust. Enjoy the friendly and warm hearted atmosphere as you let your creativity flow. At the end of the traditional masterclass, feel free to take your hand-made piece of Armenia with you.

Art of Khachkar in Armenia

Khachkar is Armenian cross-stone art widely spread in Armenia, in particular, in a nearby area of churches. The height of khachkar reaches approximately 1.5 meters and has a big cross in the middle, which is ornated with traditional motifs symbolizing eternity. After being blessed and anointed, the Khachkar is believed to carry the holy spirit of God. There are around 50.000 khachkars in the territory of Armenia and each of them carries a unique pattern, which is one of the kind. In 2010, the symbolism of khachkar was added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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