Villa Delenda

This grand hotel was established in Yerevan in 1906 as the private residence of brothers Mnatsakanian.

The architectural structure has been restored several times. The building has its own charm and style, with a harmonious combination of classic Armenian furniture, upscale elegance and comfort of the residence. There are works of art that perfectly connect the centuries to each other.

Villa Delenda was founded by the “Family Care” Foundation and aims to develop tourism in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The revenues from the hotel are also used to support the "Renaissance" art school. This school was created after the earthquake of 1988 so that children and adolescents affected by the earthquake have the opportunity to develop their creative and cultural skills. Theirs works are also exhibited and sold in the ceramics showroom.

The hotel offers its guests 8 rooms with all the necessary amenities. Rooms have typical Armenian interior. The separated rooms are easily connected to each other. It also allows to rent rooms with three beds and, in some cases, four beds. All rooms have free Internet access. The hotel facilities include non-smoking rooms with air conditioning, TV, ceramic and souvenir shop, parking, laundry, ironing and cleaning, dry cleaning, library, 24-hour service. The fully equipped kitchen of the Hotel consists of a "meal" corner where the Armenian cuisine is generously served.

Villa Delenda has a meeting room for 20 people, and it is equipped with the modern technology necessary to hold high-quality conferences.

The hotel is located in Koghbatsi Street, in the small and old centre of the city.

Not far from the hotel, the city's largest avenue, Mashtots Avenue, is located, which is a 2-minute walk away and Republic Square is a 4-minute walk away. Many important buildings are located in Republic Square. The place is easily accessible by transport. Republic Square is called "Hanrapetutyan hraparak" in Armenian. In this area, you can discover many government buildings. To the northwest of the square, you may also find the best hotels in the city. A large post office is located south of the square. There are several government buildings in the eastern and western parts of the square.

The largest building is the Armenian History Museum. In the same building the National Gallery of Armenia is situated, where you can admire paintings by Armenian and foreign painters. It is a popular place for tourists. This museum was founded in 1919. The museum also houses many ancient objects.

The aesthetic view of Republic Square is complemented by a pool with fountains, which gives it a special charm. The fountains are known for their colourful animations. This part of the place is very nice especially at night, when many people spend their free time there. You can sit comfortably in a cafe and enjoy the city in all its colours. You can often hear classical music here. Concerts are often organized to make Yerevan's daily life more interesting and more beautiful.

Not far from the hotel, you can discover the North Avenue. This avenue was built in 2007 and connects the opera with Republic Square. It has many apartment buildings, restaurants, brand stores and European-style offices.

Nearby attractions include the Opera House and Swan Lake. In front of the Opera, there are three statues: that of Aram Khachaturian and Alexander Spendaryan, famous Armenian composers, and Hovhannes Tumanyan, famous Armenian writer. In addition to opera, one may reveal Swan Lake, which is home to black and white swans in summer, and in winter, it becomes a winter ice rink where you can go ice skating.

One of the most remarkable places in the city is Cascade. The Cascade is a monumental architectural complex. It houses some museums, fountains, flower gardens, flowerbeds, various monuments and statues of modern art.

Hotel Delenda has become popular with tourists over the years because of its uniqueness, comfort and location.

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