Tufenkyan Historic Yerevan Hotel

Historic Yerevan Hotel is located in the historical and tourist centre of Yerevan. During a nice walk, you will discover the main sghts of Yerevan and you will enjoy its vibrant lifestyle. The Vernissage flea market is located nearby. It is a large market where you can buy hand-made Armenian souvenirs, bags and jewellery, musical instruments and old equipment. Many artists sell their paintings and sculptures here. The flea market was opened in the 1980s. At the weekend, the market is full of visitors. Here, you will discover lots of interesting items. Vernissage is a popular and colourful rest zone in the capital Yerevan. Recently, the market has been renovated.

This hotel is located on the Republic Highway, close to Republic Square, which is a major tourist attraction. The place is easily accessible by transport. Republic Square is called "Hanrapetutyan Hraparak" in Armenian. The square was designed by Alexander Tamanian, the architect of Yerevan. Many government buildings are located in this square. To the northwest of the square, the best hotels in the city may be revealed. The largest building is the History Museum, which also houses the National Gallery where the masterpieces of Armenian and foreign painters are exhibited. The gallery is a popular spot for tourists and is an ideal place to get acquainted with Armenian art and its rich history. In front of the museum, you will admire the fountains known as the singing fountain. This part is very appealing especially at night, and many people spend their free time in this part of the city. You may sit comfortably in a cafe and enjoy the city in all its colours. You can often hear classical music here. Concerts are also often organized to make Yerevan's daily life more interesting and livelier.

Near the hotel, there is a garden covered with cross-stones. These cross-stones are copies of the cross-stones that were in the city of Julfa and were destroyed by the Azerbaijani Turks. Here, you will also find the monument of Garegin Njdeh: statesman, a man of war and Armenian intellectual of the national doctrine.

Opened in 2012, this hotel is a unique combination of historic and contemporary elements. The hotel’s facilities are ideal for a comfortable stay. The architecture of the hotel is typical of the 19th and 20th centuries. The idea was to create a new building inspired by the 20th-century European and Armenian architecture and design. It was a collaboration between the world's leading designers (such as Clodagh), the best Armenian architects and James Tufenkian. James Tufenkian is an Armenian businessman born in the United States. The interior of the hotel reflects Armenian art and culture. Several carpets of Armenian motifs are presented here. The hotel has a restaurant called "Karpet". The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant offers the best way to rest after a long day. The gourmet restaurant "Tufenkian Karpet" offers its guests many culinary delights from traditional Armenian and Italian cuisine. The hotel also has a 24-hour bar, swimming pool and café. 

Historic Yerevan Hotel has 83 elegant rooms with handcrafted furniture, an outdoor pool, large relaxation and sleeping areas with elegant and luxurious amenities. For business travellers, the hotel offers a business centre and meeting rooms for up to 50 people.

The reception is available 24 hours a day with professional and family hospitality.

Type Stars City

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