City Tour and Excursion

Have you ever heard of the small but unique country called Armenia? Would you like to visit this country and uncover its diverse culture, rich history, delicious cuisine and interesting daily routine? Don't you know where to start? We are here to assist you and organize an eventful trip. is a branch of ARATOURS that specializes in tours around Armenia.

We truly believe that you should get goosebumps moments when you take a look back on your travel experience. And that is exactly why we are here. Our mission is to pass to you the most beautiful emotions and memories. With us, your trip in the Caucasus will be an extraordinary and unique event. You will reveal all the mysterious, splendid and authentic sides of our sunny country and will feel at home.

Our agency has many years of experience in organizing trips in Armenia, Georgia and Central Asia and is looking forward to hosting you here. Our competent, friendly team is at your disposal for the planning of your trip and for any questions that may arise. We organize tailor-made trips, around the preferences and interests of our customers. Our agency offers you the following services:

  • Individual and group tours
    Whether you want to travel alone or in a group, you've come to the right place. We are very flexible and will organize the trip based on your wishes and preferences.
  • City tours, daily tours and thematic tours
    Cycling, tasting traditional specialties, environmentally friendly eco-tours, musical, winter adventures, religion, culture, history, hiking or wine: all these is possible with us. We offer activities for all age groups, characters and travel periods. During our city tours, you will cover large and small Armenian cities, their architecture, get interesting encounters with locals and immerse yourself in their daily routine.
  • Organization of the trip and multilingual tour guide
    Our staff is at your disposal from the very beginning to the end of the trip. You are welcome to contact them for any questions. The travel companion can be in your desired language.
  • Accommodation and meals
    Your wishes will be considered when reserving accommodation and meals.
  • Rental car
    If you don't need a driver and would rather drive yourself, we will provide rental car options.
  • Combined tours
    Would you like to combine Armenia with other destinations? Georgia and the countries of Central Asia are also part of our field of activity.

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