Gata Festival

Armenian Gata, Gata
Amenian Pakhlava, Pakhlava



21 Sep


Date: September 21

Location: Khachik Village

If you want to know, what is the most delicate pastry, that travelers are fond of taking home after visiting Armenia, then you should definitely participate in the celebration of Armenian

” sweet bread ” or “gata”.

Each year the organizers of the fest make big gata and anyone, that is passionate about having their own piece from this huge pastry can join the festival and discover the traditional techniques of gata making. The secret of its delicate taste lies in the process of its preparation, making it in “tonir”, that gives a unique flavor to the pastry.

This is an amazing chance not only for diving into the Armenian cuisine but also into the Armenian culture through its arts and crafts. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this thrilling experience.

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Tour Details
8 Stunden
4 - 12
Live Führung / Instrukteur
Deutsch / Englisch / Französisch / Rusisch

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