Gastronomy and Wine Tasting

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Thus, one may find various dishes common for Lebanese, Greek, Turkish or Armenian cuisine.

In Armenia there are also several typical courses such as spas, harisa, the khach or the gata.

Do you like to cook and do want to learn how to make these Armenian specialties by yourself? During your stay in Armenia it will be possible to take part in preparation of certain dishes, or even spend a day or more at cooking classes.


The tradition of wine in Armenia dates back to several millennia, as the recent archaeological excavations in the Vayotz Dzor region led to the discovery of ancient wine-making equipment dating back to 6100 years (the Copper Age). Among the most known Armenian wines are "Areni", "Ijevan" "Voskevaz", "Byurakan", "Tigrani", "Aygeshat", "Ashtarak".

Treat yourself to a wine tour! Take a guided tour with a family of winemakers, a visit to a factory, a guided tour through the vineyards ...


The tradition of Armenian cognac dating back to the late nineteenth century.

We invite you to get acquanted to the history of Armenian brandy, discover the stages of its preparation, revel the beauty, aroma and flavor different sorts of cognac during tastings and visits to cellars.

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