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The carpets called "The dragon carpets" ( "Vichapagorg" in Armenian) are considered to be the oldest carpets to have survived. Only a few copies are now preserved in museums in Berlin, London, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul and Cairo.

There are exceptionally beautiful carpets available for review in Yerevan, in the History Museum of Armenia, as well as in the Ethnographic Museum in Sardarapat, among them some truely old ones. For those who wish to learn more, it is possible to arrange visits to workshops or upholsterers, as well as tapestry courses during the stay in Armenia.

Ceramics and Pottery

In Armenia, the art of manufacturing the high-quality polished "red ceramics" existed since 2000 BC. Some specialists suggest that the specific style of ceramic, that had a wide-spread popularity in the Middle East, could have Armenian roots. Later, Urartian ceramics have attracted worldwide for their quality and variety. The competent potters imitated metal forms, such as the famous rhyton-shaped boot of Erebuni.

Excavations in Dvin and Ani, both the Armenian capitals in fifth and eleventh centuries, have contributed to the discovery of objects in extremely interesting local ceramics. Plates and bowls with images of birds, light green on white or yellow background, remind the Byzantine style. Others represent human figures and hybrid motifs, unique for the Armenian style. Some ceramic works even wear Armenian inscriptions.

The golden period of the pottery industry lasted until the thirteenth century, in Ani especially.


From ancient times, the goldsmithery was widespread in Armenia, and had its special place in the rich treasury of decorative applied arts. The Armenian goldsmithery has been already developed in ancient times: the scenery of silver fully-decorated national costumes provided the owner with luxurious appearance that underlined the delicacy and taste of the wearer.

Discover the shops and workshops of the goldsmiths of Yerevan! 

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