History and Religion

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Excavations in the country each year reveal particularly interesting information on culture, daily life, economy, government structure and the worldview and religious representations of the oldest inhabitants of the territory of Armenia.

The sites of Metsamor and Qarahunj help you understand how this land hosted the first blacksmiths and the first astronomers of our planet. We also organize tours to Nagorno-Karabakh, where are ongoing archaeological excavations which you will be able to attend.

Religion and Spirituality

The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state to recognize and adopt Christianity as the official religion under King Tiridates IV (298-330), when the latter, part of his family and some members of the palaces were converted in 301, according to tradition initiated by St. Gregory the Illuminator.

Throughout the historical territory of Armenia, hundreds of churches were built and thousands of "khachkars" (stone cross) have been carved: at that time the Armenian spiritual architecture developed on and reaches its peak.

Discover the churches of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh as part of our guided tours: Discover in Etchmiadzin the first cathedral in the world, built in the year 303. Tours are guided by the priests of the very churches and meetings with the "vardapet" (monks) of Etchmiadzin could be arranged. 

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