Nature and Ecotourism

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The highest peaks of the country are imposing volcanoes, consisting of volcanic rocks, basalt and tufa, which have been used since prehistoric times for civil and religious buildings, sculpture and jewelery (obsidian). The largest of these extinct volcanoes Aragats is the culminating at 4095 m altitude. Accompanied by a geology professor you mayt conquer Armenian mountains and discover the secrets of the stones with thousand colors.


Armenia, located in one of the important areas of biodiversity, is known for its incredibly rich and diverse flora. In this country, which represents only 16% of the territory of the Caucasus, grows more than half of the representatives of the Caucasian flora - about 3600 species of plants!

This botanical richness is a result of the regional diversity of landscapes: semi-desert, arid open forests, steppes, forests, meadows, grassy areas, miniature deserts, wetlands and rocky landscapes alternate on short distances.

The country also has several botanical gardens (Spitak, Sevan) that will delight admirers: feel free to take our escorted tours accompanied by specialist botanists!

Protected Areas

Protected areas of Armenia are intended to preserve the unique biological diversity. Armenia currently has three state nature reserves, two national parks and 25 "state sanctuaries". The area of ​​these protected areas is about 310,000 ha, or 10% of the territory of Armenia (including the Lake Sevan) and 54% of the country is covered by forest ecosystems. 

Discover the incredible natural wealth reserves Khosrov (near Garni) or Shikahogh (south of the country, near the border with Nagorno Karabakh) during guided tours by specialists of fauna and flora Armenian. We organize tours and excursions in partnership with the centers in charge of the management of these protected areas.

Discover the Fauna and Bird Watching

There are 17,500 animal species in Armenia, including 536 vertebrates. 99 vertebrate species, which are listed in the "Red Book" of Armenia and 35 endemic species are on the Red List of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Among the most iconic mammals, also the most endangered and rare, are the Caucasian leopard, the marbled polecat, brown bear, otter or the bezoar goat. Moreover, Armenia has no less than 350 species of birds.

On a 8-10 day tour, you will be able to observe around 220 species, including many species of the Caucasus. Located on a major migration route, Armenia also offers great opportunities to see migrating birds.

Contact us: and we will arrange custom tours with our specialist partners!


Armenia is rich of many lakes, rivers and "reservoirs" where you will be able to fish, alone or accompanied by a fishing guide. Discover fishing spots recognized in idyllic locations, surrounded by the Armenian mountains.


Armenian territory is ideal for hiking: through Armenia walk you will discover closer diversity of its landscapes, its rich cultural heritage hidden in the mountains and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants. A perfect way to combine sport, culture and nature, for the day or over several days.

Cycling Tourism

Armenia is a mountainous country with beautiful and varied landscapes, offering many opportunities for cycling enthusiasts and mountain biking. Day trip or multi-day tour, indulge youself in this original way to visit the Armenian cultural sites!

Riding Tours

Armenia offers many opportunities for those who love riding. Through the most picturesque scenery in the country, horseback riding is an ideal way to explore the archaeological sites while watching the local fauna and flora. In spring it is possible to do horseback tours on Mount Aragats, the highest peak of Armenia. 

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