Hiking and camping in Armenia

Hiker friends, welcome to Armenia, country of ancient civilization and picturesque nature and the taste of freedom.

Price 850 €
Type of Tour Hiking, Nature, Adventure
Duration 7 hours/ 6 nights
Group Size 1-4 persons
Best Period March-November

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Mountain bike tour in Armenia

Are you fond of cycling? This 4-day adventure through rural areas of Armenia will be perfect for you.

Price 330 €
Type of tour Cycling, Nature, Culture
Duration 4 days/ 3 nights
Group Size 2-12 persons
Best Period April-October
Difficulty Easy-Medium

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Insights into rural life

Armenia is one of the oldest cradles of civilization in the world. Together with sustainable development and adoption of modern lifestyle, Armenians stick to their customs and traditions, especially in the rural areas of the country.

Price 850 €
Type of tour Rural, Traditional, Eco
Duration 11 days / 10 nights
Group Size 2-12
Best Period May - September

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The cradle of Christianity in the East

Get into the festive spirit and celebrate Easter with us!
Every year thousands of Christians head to Armenia, the oldest Christian country, to celebrate Easter − the celebration of the resurrection of the Christ from the dead.

Price 770 €
Type of tour Religious, Holiday, Historical
Duration 10 days / 9 nights
Group Size 2-12
Best Period April 13-22

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Discover the taste of regional specialties

Welcome to Armenia – the homeland of delicious and unique cuisine!
Being one of the oldest nations in the world, Armenians have rich culinary history, by offering a variety of tasty and special dishes for its visitors, who are fond of experiencing the real taste of Armenia.

Price 890 €
Type of tour Gourmet, Traditional, Cultural
Duration 9 days / 8 nights
Group Size 2-12
Best Period April - September

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