Vorskan Resort

Vorskan is a hotel-restaurant consisting of outdoor and indoor spaces and ancillary buildings. It is difficult to find a tourist in the southern regions of Armenia who does not know this restaurant. The grounds of the hotel have been carefully renovated: the small lakes and flowerbeds, the beautiful trees are part of the beautiful decoration of the hotel. It's a great place away from the hustle and bustle. The resort is located on the Vayk-Goris main road. It offers cosy little chalets and a beautiful natural environment.

There is also a bakery with "tonir", a type of clay oven where you can cook not only the traditional Armenian bread "lavash" but also many traditional specialities.

There is nothing better than to relax and have a good time on the terrace of the restaurant, savouring delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

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The experienced staff is at the service of foreign and local tourists, representatives of official state delegations and international official delegations. The rooms are clean and well equipped with free Internet access.

The outdoor wooden summer room offers space for a large number of tourists where parties are also organized.

In recent years, a small and comfortable 5 bedroom guest house has been built. Vorskan works 24 hours a day and is always ready to welcome guests.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful nature of Vayots Dzor Region.

The population is not very large. The region is mostly mountainous, there are few areas of viticulture and housing. The monasteries and historic churches, the thermal waters of Jermuk make this small region a tourist dream. The regional capital is the town of Yeghegnadzor.

Nearby is Noravank ("New Monastery"), a 13th-century Armenian monastery that is a popular tourist destination in Armenia. The monastery was built by the Orbelian family, the princes of Syunik and is especially dedicated to the holy Baptist. A peculiarity of the monastery is the facade of the two-storey mausoleum (Surb Astvatsatsin).

Not far from Yeghegnadzor, the famous wine village of Areni is located. Areni produces dry red wine that is known not only in Armenia but also abroad. A wine festival is celebrated every year and visitors can participate in it.

Not far from the hotel, the medieval university of Gladzor attracts cultural travellers. The university is located in the village of Vernashen. Contemporaries call Gladzor the capital of wisdom because it was one of the few and the first places in Armenia where one could study the different fields of science. Many prominent Armenian scientists and historians studied and taught there.

Recently, a real archaeological sensation has discovered near the hotel. A Jewish cemetery with Hebrew inscriptions dating from the 13th and 14th centuries was discovered, as well as the remains of a medieval Jewish dwelling. If such discoveries interest you, then you are in the right place.

Those who have a great desire for hiking can individually explore the 3 local caves. Locals call these caves the Mozrov Cave, the Bear Cave and the Magic Cave (Claw Caves).

Gndevank Monastery is on the banks of the River Arpa. The old main road of Jermuk leads to the monastery. The village of Gndevaz is behind the monastery. Built in the 10th century, Gndevank is protected with powerful walls and defensive towers.

Vorskan Resort welcomes many tiurists every year for whom this place is a popular tourist destination.