Imperial Palace Hotel ****

Imperial Palace Hotel is an imperial style luxury hotel built in Yerevan in 2016 not far from the city centre (10 minutes walk).

The rooms are very comfortable and modern. The hotel has all the necessary amenities to ensure your relaxation and leisure: Of the 77 comfortable rooms (Queen Imperial, Imperial Twin, Imperial King Garden, Imperial King Bed, Imperial Deluxe, Imperial Suite), some overlook Mount Ararat. There is free Internet access throughout the hotel.

The reception works 24 hours. The hotel has a laundry room, maid service, a massage parlour and a shop. There is a café and a bar in the hotel, which also offers taxi hire. The hotel has a conference room designed for small and medium-sized business meetings. The conference room can accommodate up to 50 people and everything you will need during conferences will be served.

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The hotel's "Imperial Lounge Bar Yerevan" restaurant offers its guests comfort and harmony through a modern interior and its hospitality. Everyone will enjoy the different delights and will certainly be satisfied. The restaurant serves traditional and European cuisine. The best Armenian wine and cognac, as well as many types of cocktails, can be tasted. The restaurant staff is very friendly and helpful.

The hotel also has a special offer for newlyweds.

Thanks to the hotel's convenient location, the main attractions of the city are easily accessible. The hotel is located on Koryun Street, in the small centre of the city. Koryun was the apprentice of Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet. Nearby, the metro station "Yeritasardakan" is located. Not far from the hotel, on Koryun Street, there is a sidewalk full of art.

The hotel is located in a district of the city known as the "University District". Nearby are almost all the universities of Yerevan, such as Yerevan State University, Armenian State University of Economics, Yerevan State Medical University and others.

The famous Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, the Matendaran (Manuscript Deposit), is a 3-minute walk away. The Matenadaran is a popular tourist destination. Founded in 1921, the Matenadaran (manuscript repository) is an institution well known for its ancient manuscripts, it has one of the largest collections of manuscripts and medieval books in the world, 23,000 manuscripts and miniatures, 300,000 documents of archives are kept there. In 1997, the manuscript collection was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

This building catches attention with its neo-Armenian architectural style. In front of the building are eight monuments of famous Armenian painters, historians of the 5th century and of course the monuments of Mesrop Mashtots and Koryun mentioned above. The building of the Matenadaran is also a favourite spot for photographers.

Not far from the hotel (5 minutes walk) is the Cascade complex, an architectural and monumental complex. The plan of the complex was designed and built by Alexander Tamanyan, the famous Armenian architect (who had a significant impact on Yerevan's urban landscape). The building was completed in 1980. The complex includes fountains, flower gardens, flower beds, monuments and statues of modern art.

Not far from the hotel you can visit the famous Opera House. Next to the building is Swan Lake surrounded by lush green plants. The famous North Avenue, rebuilt in 2007, connects the Opera with Republic Square. Several restaurants, offices and stores are grouped together. The hotel, located in the city centre, allows the guests of Yerevan to take part in the events of the city.