Silk-Road Hotel

Silk Road is a subsidiary of the “Folk Arts Hub” Foundation which aims to preserve traditional folk art and pass it on to future generations.

The hotel has 13 rooms with satellite TV, free Internet access, air conditioning and a private bathroom. The rooms are furnished in a traditional style with carpets. There are single, double and twin rooms at the hotel.

The caring and professional staff makes every effort to make your stay unforgettable. The staff of the Silk Road Hotel will meet the expectations of the guests.

The hotel has shared lounge/TV area.


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There is also a shop in the hotel where you can buy traditional Armenian souvenirs and gifts. Free Internet access is also available. The rooms of the hotel are air-conditioned with all the necessary comfort. The hotel also has a non-smoking area.

Hotel services include airport transfer (surcharge), laundry, ironing, massage (on request), hair and nail services (on request), dentist (on request), etc.

The hotel has a conference room (more than 80 seats, more than 100 standing places) with all the necessary facilities for the organization of events such as conferences, seminars and trainings, presentations, photo and video shootings, concerts and festivals as well as private events according to the customer preferences.

The hotel has an open-air garden with a cafe and restaurant offering special dishes. You can spend your time there and enjoy the good weather and fresh air.

At the Silk Road Hotel, you can participate in the ceremony of making the traditional Armenian bread, "lavash". You can also taste it right over the "tonir" (traditional bread oven) with cheese and fresh vegetables.

The hotel offers special coffee called Caravanserai that leaves long-lasting memories of the wonderful taste and smell of the Armenian espresso.

Armenian coffee requires as many preparation tools as normal espresso coffee: a wide bottom, a narrow mouth and a long handle. A metal spoon is needed to mix it but you do not need a filter.

The biggest difference between these two types of coffee is that the "Armenian" espresso coffee is heated on a layer of sand. The sand can be heated in any way as the maximum heat will be the same. As soon as they are filled with water and coffee grounds, the coffee makers are buried a few inches deep in the hot sand.

The friendly and competent hotel staff assists guests in case of difficulties and gives recommendations.

The hotel is located in Aygedzor where many private houses with beautiful views of nature are located.

Baghramyan Street is close to this hotel. In this street, the most important buildings of the State are located: the seat of the President and Prime Minister of Armenia, the building of the National Assembly, etc. The street was named after Hovhannes Baghramyan, a marshal of the Soviet Union. In this street, the American University is situated which is one of the best universities in Armenia. Under the Soviet Union, the street was called "Barekamutyun" (kinship or friendship). It symbolized the friendship between the Soviet Republics. The avenue is a very important crossroad for the country and is considered as an artery of Yerevan.

The city centre is within walking distance. The opera, many museums, galleries and universities are nearby.