Arpa Hotel

A comfortable stay in the beautiful region of Vayots Dzor, the least populated province of Armenia. The region is mainly mountainous, with beautiful landscapes. The monasteries and historic churches, the thermal waters of Jermuk make this small region a dream for tourists.

The hotel was built in 2010 in Yeghegnadzor (the valley of reeds) and bears the name of the Arpa River that runs through the area. The three-storey hotel has typical features of European as well as Armenian architecture and is tastefully furnished. From the windows, a magnificent view opens on the town and the beautiful nature. The calm and tranquillity of the single and double rooms make the trip and the rest in Armenia more comfortable.

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These elegant rooms provide an enjoyable atmosphere and are an expression of Armenian hospitality. All rooms are equipped with satellite TVs, telephones, refrigerators, air conditioning, Internet access and private bathrooms. The hotel has its own parking. Many rooms have panoramic views of the town and its surrounding mountains, the other rooms overlook the garden. There are also non-smoking rooms. Paid services include guided tours, rental of transport and conference rooms.

28 km from the hotel the Monastery of Noravank ("New Monastery") is located, which was constructed in the 13th century and is a popular tourist destination in Armenia. The monastery was built by the Orbelian family, the princes of Syunik and is specially dedicated to the holy Baptist. One of the peculiarities of the monastery is the facade of the mausoleum of the church (Surb Astvatsatsin). The monastery is one of the most important tourist attractions of Armenia and has been submitted for the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.

Not far from Yeghegnadzor a renowned wine village Areni is situated. Areni produces dry red wine that is famous not only in Armenia but worldwide. For tourists, the annual wine festival is very interesting and makes the trip to Armenia more impressive.

9 km from the hotel, you can visit the ruins of Shatin Monastery. The monastery dates back to the 10th century and was destroyed in the 14th century and rebuilt in the 18th century. There is also the church of Sion with basalt basil with three naves and an apse.

Not far from the hotel (12 km) there is the medieval university of Gladzor. The university is located in the village of Vernashen. The contemporaries called Gladzor the capital of wisdom because it was one of the few and the first place in Armenia where one could study the different fields of science.

Recently, a real archaeological discovery was made 15 km from the hotel. A Jewish cemetery with Hebrew inscriptions from the 13th and 14th centuries and the remains of a medieval Jewish settlement were explored there. If such discoveries arouse your curiosity, you are in the right place.

If you are a hiker, you can reveal the three local caves yourself. The inhabitants call the caves Mozrov, cave bear and magical cave (cave claws).

Gndevank Monastery is located 33 km from the hotel, on the Arpa River. The old main road of Jermuk leads to the monastery. Behind the monastery lies the village of Gndevaz. Gndevank was built in the 10th century and is protected by powerful walls and defensive towers.

The Arpa hotel welcomes many tourists every year thanks to the variety of interesting destinations to visit in the region of Vayots Dzor. The region has benn inhabited since ancient times. During the excavations, objects of daily life, jewels and weapons were discovered. On the rock and in the caves, one can observe many engraved decorations generally representing hunting scenes and animal species.