A Day of Adventures in Garni

Spend an unforgettable day in Armenia, take a balloon ride, get an overview of beautiful Armenian landscapes, located in the nearby area of Yerevan, where the Temple of Garni and the Geghard Monastery may be revealed. Discover the Khosrov Reserve and some of its most notable sights like the Astghik Falls.

Price 260 €
Type of excursion Nature, Hiking, Culture, Balloon
Duration 7 hours
Group size 2-8 people
Best period March-November

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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Armenia

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience of its kind, take the opportunity to celebrate a happy event, let your hot air balloon fly over the Armenian mountains and magnificent landscapes.

Price 260 €
Type of excursion Nature, Balloon
Duration 4 hours
Group size 1-8 people
Best period All year

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Paragliding in Armenia

A must do for all adventure and extreme lovers who visit Armenia!

Price 70 €
Type of excursion Nature, Paraglinding
Duration 10 minutes
Group size 1-6 persons
Best Period March-November

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On the road to the Monastery of Kirants

Get ready and leave the capital behind to discover a hidden treasure of northern Armenia, the Kirants Monastery in the Tavush region, located at the bottom of a thick forest. The relatively simple hiking trail will satisfy those looking for a quiet walk.

Price 55 €
Type of excursion Nature, Hiking
Walking time 6-7 hours
Distance 20 km
Group size 2-12 people
Altitude difference Very low

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Hiking experience near the capital. Ascent to Mount Gutanasar

If you are looking for adventure or the fresh mountain air not too far from the capital than this offer is for you. Climb the summit of Gutanasar (2299m), located 30 minutes from Yerevan! This Mount with its fairy landscapes will greet you in its arms.

Price 40 €
Type of excursion Hiking, Nature, Alpinism
Walking time 5-6 hours
Group size 2-12 persons
Distance 10 kms
Cumulative elevation gain Strong (500m, 10% on average)

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Khustup, Sacred Mountain

Climb a significant monument of Armenian history, a symbolic mountain in the southern regions of Armenia, Mount Khustup (3206m above sea level).
Lush forests, emerald meadows and rocky peaks, dominate the Syunik region.

Price 115 €
Type of excursion Hiking, Nature, Alpinism
Walking time 9 hours
Group size 2-12 persons
Distance 12 kms
Cumulative elevation gain Strong (1200m, average 20%)

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Exploration of the Lake Sevan, Spa Town of Tsaghkadzor and Dilijan

No matter if you are traveling alone or with your family and friends. Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world, with numerous and ageless testimonies of its glorious past. Together with alluring landscapes and historical monuments, Armenia offers complete security for all visitors.

Price 32 €
Type of excursion Adventure, Snow, Culture
Duration 8 hours
Group size 2-8 persons
Best Period December-February

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Wine Tour in Areni with Overnight Stay

Discover the wine-making village Areni and marvel at the mountainous landscape that surrounds you. Enjoy an overnight stay in a cozy guesthouse and take a tour in the surrounding area of Areni, the oldest known wine-making location.

Price 170 €
Type of excursion Nature, Culture, Wine
Duration 2 days / 1 night
Group size 2-6 persons
Best Period March-November

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