Form of government: Semi-Presidential Republic

Independence Day: September 21, 1991

Capital: Yerevan (about 1.3 million)

Official language: Armenian

Area: 29,800 km²

Time zone: UTC + 4

Highest point: Aragats 4095 m above sea level

Population: 3.2 million (Sept. 2014)

Currency: Dram (AMD)

Telephone code: +374

Neighboring countries:
In the North: Georgia 164 km
In the West: Turkey 268 km
In the South: Iran 35 km
In the East: Azerbaijan 787 km

Provinces (marzer) and administrative centers

Yerevan: Capital
Population: 1,121,900
Aragatsotn Province: Ashtarak
Population: 168,100
Ararat: Artashat
Population: 311,400
Armavir: Armavir
Population: 323,300
Gegharkunik: Gavar
Population: 278,600
Kotayk: Hrazdan
Population: 328,900
Lori: Vanadzor
Population: 392,300
Shirak: Gyumri
Population: 361,400
Syunik: Kapan
Population: 164 000
Tavush: Ijevan
Population: 156 500
Vayots Dzor: Yeghegnadzor
Population: 69 400

Saint Hripsime Church

Etchmiadzin is the religious centre of Armenia. Here, a real masterpiece, the Mother Cathedral is located. Besides, two other churches are well-known as well and are the popular places to visit. These are the churches of the Saints Gayane and Hripsime.

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Hidden among one of the many rivers of Tavush and in the dense forest in the mountains, lies the monastery Makaravank, about three kilometres west of the village Achajur.

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Lchashen, which used to be called Ordaklu until 1946, is a large village in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. The settlement dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. A 13th-century church, an Iron Age Urartian fortress, and a Bronze Age cemetery can be explored here.

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Lori Berd

In the north of Armenia, on the right bank of the Dzoraget River, the medieval fortress of Lori-Berd may be discovered which is located in the province of Lori.

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Kobayr Monastery, dating back to the 12th-13th centuries, is an Armenian-Georgian monastic complex, and its name is a compound word: Kob in Georgian and ayr in Armenian both mean "cave".

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