Form of government: Semi-Presidential Republic

Independence Day: September 21, 1991

Capital: Yerevan (about 1.3 million)

Official language: Armenian

Area: 29,800 km²

Time zone: UTC + 4

Highest point: Aragats 4095 m above sea level

Population: 3.2 million (Sept. 2014)

Currency: Dram (AMD)

Telephone code: +374

Neighboring countries:
In the North: Georgia 164 km
In the West: Turkey 268 km
In the South: Iran 35 km
In the East: Azerbaijan 787 km

Provinces (marzer) and administrative centers

Yerevan: Capital
Population: 1,121,900
Aragatsotn Province: Ashtarak
Population: 168,100
Ararat: Artashat
Population: 311,400
Armavir: Armavir
Population: 323,300
Gegharkunik: Gavar
Population: 278,600
Kotayk: Hrazdan
Population: 328,900
Lori: Vanadzor
Population: 392,300
Shirak: Gyumri
Population: 361,400
Syunik: Kapan
Population: 164 000
Tavush: Ijevan
Population: 156 500
Vayots Dzor: Yeghegnadzor
Population: 69 400


Areni is a magnificent wine village. The name Areni stands for red wine as well, the high quality of which is widely appreciated by experts.

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Nagorno-Karabakh (with its original name Artsakh) is located in the south-eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus, corresponding to the north-eastern mountainous range of Armenia. 

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Arutch is a village in the Aragatsotn Province located in northern Armenia. The village experienced prosperity during the reign of Prince Grigor Mamikonyan (661-685). At the time, it was the administrative and military center of Armenia. The most remarkable architectural buildings of Arutch date back to this time. Among them are the Cathedral of Saint Grigor and the Prince’s Palace. They belong to the most well-known landmarks of the early medieval Armenian architecture. 

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Traces of mankind from the Bronze Age can be found in this region. However, the first recorded mentioning of the existence of Bjni dates back to only the 5th century.

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Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Gerard Levon Cafesjian (1925-2013) was a businessman and philanthropist who founded the Cafesjian Family Foundation, the Cafesjian Museum Foundation and the Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

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