It belongs to the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. Mount Aragats (4,095m above sea level) is the highest peak in Armenia. Once Aragats was perhaps the largest volcano of the world. Since the end of the Pleistocene it is no longer active. Four peaks form the crater: the East peak (4,095m above sea level), the South peak (3,879m above sea level), the West peak (4,080m above sea level) and the North peak (4,095m above sea level). The crater is 400m deep and its diameter is 3km.

Due to the height, the peak of Aragats is covered with snow not only in winter, but in summer as well. Many turloughs - Kari Lich, Amberd Lake, Lessing Lake, etc. – can also be discovered. Kari Lich (Stone Lake), the largest among them, is a freshwater lake. It is located at the height of 3250m. Mountain meadows with colorful flowers abound, the fresh air and the snow-capped peaks give the overall view a unique austere charm.

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