Dilijan is located in the province of Tavush, in the marvelous Agstev Valley.

Leaving Lake Sevan heading north, you cross the Sevan pass (2114 m above sea level) or you drive along the national road through the tunnel, what is even more impressive. Finally, you find yourself between thickly wooded mountain slopes. The contrast could hardly be greater! First, you will see the barren, dusty and ocher-colored landscape and then the lush green forest.

Especially, impressive and abundant is the Old town, stretching along the Sharambeyan Street. The Old town was restored by the Tufenkian Foundation. Here you can find the hotel-museum “Old Dilijan’’, a wooden building designed with an original style, antique furniture and hand-woven carpets. Haghartsin Monastery and Goshavank are among the most important sights to see.