The architect Tumanian redesigned the entire city from scratch. The uniqueness of the buildings is seen in the diverse pink- and ocher tones of travertine stone, with which the facades are covered. Motives decorating them in this manner, originate from earlier medieval patterns. Among the peculiarities of the city are the numerous fountains in green areas. The city is built at an altitude of 950-1200 m. It rises in giant steps to the edge of the deep gorge of the Hrazdan River and then retreats down the other side.

Armenia has a reputation for greeting its visitors with warmth and hospitality. This is especially true for the city of Yerevan, which offers all of the advantages and amenities typical of a capital city. Yerevan is a city of contrasts: it is built on five hills with wide avenues running throughout; impressive buildings are concentrated in the center, while parks surround them like a green belt. But taking a step or two in a random side street, you would think you were suddenly in the middle of a rural village— magnificent rosebushes in front of small houses, entwined of wine windows, people sitting on a bench in front of a door and chatting with pleasure, without haste.

The colors of the city begin to shine, when the sun rises over the snowy peaks of Mount Ararat in the West of the city. The city center is very pleasant, you will find all the amenities for an interesting, comfortable and fun stay: art galleries, concert halls, museums, cinemas, old and new, cozy cafes and restaurants, fitness centers and much more.