Victory Park and Cascade

On holidays, it is a beloved meeting point for families. Enjoying the fact that it is open year round, you can stroll through the park on any occasion- with its nostalgic Soviet carousels, shooting galleries and also pick up some cotton candy. A miniature imitation of Lake Sevan, surrounded by terraces cordially invites you for a boat ride.

Directly next to the park stands Mother Monument – a monumental statue.

Opposite to the park and directly above the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art stands “Roman Warrior’’, one of those unmistakable, thick, black bronze sculptures by Fernando Botero, Colombia’s famous contemporary artist. The place is all over the enormous white-stone made Cascade. Passing through the Cascade one can get easily from the city center to the Victory Park on foot.

This stairway, which was built in the 1980s, is equipped with escalators, connecting the center with higher located parts of the city.