Megerian carpets

In Yerevan Megerian Carpets has a spectacular showroom where foreign visitors, as well as local residents may shop. Travelers and guests are invited to witness the production of carpets directly at the factory, where the whole process of production involves dyeing using vegetable dyes, weaving, shearing, finishing, etc ... Megerian carpets are known for their natural colors, for design of traditional solutions combined with contemporary trends. The Megerian family has been involved in the business of sales, catering, and production of fine oriental carpets for more than four generations.

Being of Armenian origin, they founders have created their Megerians carpet commerce company in the United States in 1917 and quickly developed expertise in the sphere of carpet repair and restoration. With time they took the mission of creating their own decorative traditionnal carpets. The Megerian family is specialized in the sale of Armenian and Oriental rugs, as well as in their production, as well as offers cleaning, repair and restoration of carpets and tapestries. The company is always at your disposal, if you want any further information: The plant plans to open the doors of its gallery of magnificient carpet collection in the nearest future. Be sure to attend this event.