Megerian carpets

We invite you to discover the secret of the creation of hand-knotted Armenian carpets. Whether you are an amateur or a collector, you have the opportunity to admire the artful products of the traditional knotting craft. In 1917, the Armenian family Megerian founded their company in the USA. Originally the company was only engaged in the sale of new and antique carpets. Over time, it has gained a lot of experience in this area and discovered all the important nuances. For many years the name Megerian has gained a high reputation as a master in carpet repair and carpet restoration. More than four generations they have made their valuable investment in the preservation of Armenian carpet art.

The distinctive feature of Megerian rugs lies in the quality of wool, in the selection of natural dyes, in the harmonious blend of traditional solutions and current trends. To ensure individuality, each signed work is protected by copyright. The colours of the rugs come from natural dyes. Only one indigo blue colour is imported from India, others are from Armenia. By mixing these materials and using different cans, the carpet factory gets different shades. Wine is also used to preserve the colours of the rugs. Each rug is a work of art that represents its own story told by the weavers over the centuries. The antique carpets contain hidden symbols and messages. They are appreciated by collectors, connoisseurs, and designers. Megerian's hand-woven souvenir rugs are an authentic replica of the ageless souvenirs made in the 17th century under King Louis XIII in France. Antique reproductions of French souvenirs exemplify the formal grace and elegance of classic European carpet designs and are still valued by top designers and celebrities today. Megerian Carpets in Yerevan has a large impressive exhibition hall where locals and foreign guests have the opportunity to reveal the creation of unique carpets, witness yarn dyeing with only vegetable dyes, as well as the process of weaving, cutting, and decorating. The owner says that the Armenian handcrafted carpet is characterized by its style and quality. Here you can find an old carpet from the 17th century. Most old carpets are kept in New York. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time. The production also developed in other countries, including Egypt, Romania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. Megerian Carpets also operates 22 carpet weaving mills in Armenia with a large number of employees. Many students and teenagers learn the carpet weaving in Megerian Carpets. In the past, many Armenians used to hang the rugs on the walls so they would not be damaged. But it is said that the more you use carpets, the more they shine. Today, the carpets by Megerian decorate the House of the Queen of England, the presidential residences of Armenia, Russia, Georgia, France, Egypt, Bulgaria and many more. There is also a restaurant where you can taste delicious traditional Armenian cuisine. The staff is very friendly and is always looking forward to new guests. Both for foreigners and native people, Megerian Carpets is a well-known and popular destination in Yerevan.