The beautiful town of Tshaghkadzor (In German: valley of flowers) is located only 50km far from Yerevan, and about a 40 minute drive. Tsaghkadzor spreads on the southern slope of Mount Tegheris, at a height of 2820m above sea level.

Spend your winter holidays here! Let yourself be enchanted by the stunning landscape surrounded by mountains and forests. Most ski slopes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. February is the month of the most abundant snow and beautiful weather.

Let yourself be pampered by hospitable restaurants and taste various traditional and national dishes. For leisure and relaxation, there is a variety of choices such as swimming pools, saunas, billiards, table tennis, bowling, cinemas, discos etc.

This picturesque place houses wonderful churches of the Kecharis monastery complex, built between the 11th and 13th centuries. It belongs to one of those monasteries, where the sanctuaries of different churches are within the same line.