Ararat Brandy Factory

The Armenian brandy owns its fine taste to the warm and dry climate and the fertile soil of the Ararat valley, the finest ingredients and of course, professionalism acquired over decades.

The Cognac Factory was founded in 1877 by a merchant Nerses Thairjants. In 1948, the brandy factory building was spun off as separate "Yerevan Brandy Company" (YBC). The independent history of the company has begun since 1953, when it moved into its own representative building at the Hrazdan Gorge. Since 1998 YBC is owned and operated by the group Pernod Ricard. The main product is the Ararat Brandy.

The factory consists of many buildings, where cognac is distilled, stored, bottled and labeled. The lovingly furnished museum testifies to more than a 100-year-old history of YBC and the Armenians’ significant role in cognac production culture. For generations, traditions and modernity have been beautifully harmonized and meet the demanding wishes of costumers. We would also like to invite you to experience an exciting journey through the delicious world of exquisite, fine cognacs.