The name Kapan originates from the old Armenian word khapan meaning “gorge’’. It was used to designate a fortified town which belonged to the ancient Armenia. Only in the 19th century, the city became of significant importance for its metal deposits.

Kapat is a city of fascinating mountains and picturesque nature. It is surrounded by steeply rising mountains, on whose slopes many houses have been built. The cityscape is dominated by 3214 m high Khustup Mountain.

You can explore the relics of the famous revolutionary hero and Armenian military leader, Garegin Nzhdeh on the slopes of the mountain. The rivers Voghji and Geghanush flow through the city.
In the immediate vicinity of Kapan, there are many remarkable places of interest to admire. Located some 5km west of Kapan, the fortress of Halidzor is one of the most famous historical sites of the region. The fortress, together with its church, is quite well-preserved up until today.

The 10th century monastery of Vahanavank lies on the slopes of Tigranasar Mountain, only a few kilometers south-west of Kapan. The only long road connecting Armenia with Iran via Meghri runs through Kapan.