On Tubalkain's Tracks

Armenia is a country of a several thousand-year old history and culture, developed in the process of the struggle to preserve Christianity. Thus, it gave the Armenian culture a distinctive character.

1180 €
13 September - 23 September 2018

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Easter in Armenia

Every year we make an unforgettable trip to Armenia, which offers you a unique opportunity to celebrate Easter in the oldest Christian country. You will also delve deeper into the origins of the Armenian nation and Armenian history.

990 €
24 March - 02 April 2018

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On Noah's Traces

A country between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, between Europe and Asia inhabited since the Stone Age, is Armenia, the oldest Christian country in the world.

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10 May - 19 May 2018

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Armenia - Artsakh

At the dawn of Armenian Christianity

Since the very beginnings of Christianity, the adoption of language, the alphabet and the church formed a tightly interwoven bond. This "trinity" unites all Armenians worldwide.

1250 €
01 June - 11 June 2018

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