Easter in Armenia

duration 24 March - 02 April 2018
duration 24 March - 02 April 2018

Every year we make an unforgettable trip to Armenia, which offers you a unique opportunity to celebrate Easter in the oldest Christian country. You will also delve deeper into the origins of the Armenian nation and Armenian history.

Already in 301 AD Christianity was adopted as the country’s national religion. In Armenia Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox. Therefore, the date of Easter may fall between March 21 and April 25. In Armenian Easter is called "Zatik" and it is considered to be "feast of feasts". On each day of the "Holy Week" you have a wonderful opportunity to experience the Armenian and liturgical rites.

Embark on a journey, during which you have the opportunity to attend Good Friday Service and experience highlights of the Easter celebrations!

The reception of Holy Communion takes place at the end of Mass. For the Armenian believers it stands for the end of Holy Week and the forty days of the Great Lent. The same evening families and friends get together for dinner. The traditional dinner consists of colored eggs, fish dishes, accompanied by rice with dried fruits, vegetables, and - not to be forgotten - Armenian red wine, which you will definitely enjoy!


Experience the difference!


Festive Travel

Day 1 April 08, Yerevan
Arrival at Zvartnots international airport. Transfer to the hotel. Leisure time and settle in.

Day 2 April 09, Yerevan: Matenadaran – Megerian Carpets – City Tour
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, as well as the anticipation and excitement of Easter. Commemoration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem is celebrated on Palm Sunday, during which palm branches are blessed and distributed among people.
The colorful, warm city of Yerevan is delighted to invite you to stroll through the city. We’ll visit Matenadaran Museum- the largest storage of spiritual cultural heritage and ancient manuscripts. The building is located at the end of Mesrop Mashtots Boulevard and overlooks the whole city.
Next, we visit the Megerian Carpet factory where we will admire a wide range of diverse hand-knotted carpets. You will also have an opportunity to use the subway (Yerevan Metro), to walk through one of the oldest streets of Yerevan, Abovyan street, and admire the singing fountains. They are worth seeing especially summer evenings. When full of colors and lights, they resound famous compositions.

Day 3 April 10, ″Holy Monday″ Yerevan – Hovhannavank – Saghmosavank – Amberd - Yerevan
Today we are heading to the Aragatsotn province. First, we will visit the Hovhannavank Monastery of St. John the Baptist dating from the 4th century. The monastery stands on the edge of the Kasagh River canyon. Only 5km north from Hovhannavank is the Monastery Saghmosavank, dating back to the 13th century. In the afternoon, we will visit the partially destroyed fortress of Amberd (2300 m above sea level) dating back to the 11th century, we will visit the Vahramashen Church. Return to Yerevan. Free time at your leisure.

Day 4 April 11, ″Holy Tuesday″ Yerevan - Khor Virap – Zangakatun – Areni – Noravank - Goris
On Holy Tuesday the Church commemorates the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, which is taken from the holy Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 25, 1-13). Ten children come to the altar. Five of them hold lighted candles, symbolizing the Wise Virgins, while the other five with extinct candles symbolize the Foolish Virgins. The evening prayer is a preparation for the coming of the Lord.
Our exploratory trip continues onwards to beautiful southern Armenia. We visit Khor Virap Monastery (meaning "deep pit") from the 4th century. Within one’s reach appears Biblical Ararat. Next, in Zangakatun, we visit the house-museum of the most eminent Armenian writer, Paruyr Sevak. Armenia has an ancient winemaking tradition. You will have the opportunity to taste Armenian wine and have a traditional lunch at a family vineyard in Areni, in the “Armenian Bordeaux’’. To the South of Areni, in the Amaghu Gorge, we will admire the beauty of Noravank, one of the most beautiful monasteries in Armenia. After, we will take a coffee break in a cozy cave café. In the evening we will arrive in Goris. Leisure time.

Day 5 April 12, ″Holy Wednesday″ Goris - Khndzoresk - Tatev - Goris
Morning drive to the old village Khndzoresk. Exploration of numerous cave dwellings, and drive to the Monastery of Tatev. It is an important spiritual center of Armenia where a number of manuscripts were produced. From the ropeway "Wings of Tatev” you enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and stunning scenery of the steep gorge of the Vorotan river. Return to Goris.

Day 6 April 13, ″Holy Thursday″ Goris – Karahunj – Selim – Noratus – Hayravank – Sevanavank - Yerevan
Holy Thursday is the commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. It also commemorates the Institution of the Eucharist by Jesus (Christ) himself. On the eve of His death on the cross, Jesus washed the feet of His Disciples, and therewith He desplayed the epitome of servitude.
So great was His love for people, wherefore the Christians should follow Him with brotherly love.
After evening prayers, gradual extinguishing of candles takes place which symbolizes the betrayal and sufferings of Christ.
A few kilometers away from the town of Sisian, we visit the Karahunj Observatory (5000 - 5500 BC). Its megalithic constructions were erected in the Bronze Age. After enjoying lunch on the banks of the river Arpa, we embark on an exploratory trip to the caravanserai of Selim. The road onwards encompasses stunning views of the Selim Valley. The route continues to Noratus, known for its medieval cemetery of cross-stones. Drive to Lake Sevan. On the western shore of Lake Sevan (1920 m above sea level) we will visit the monastery of Hayravank from the 9th century. We will also explore the church of Sevanavank with its five holy cross-stones located at the top of the Sevanavank Peninsula. In the evening we return to Yerevan. Leisure time.

Day 7 April 14, ″Holy Friday″ Yerevan – Geghard - Basalt Organs – Garni - Yerevan
Good Friday celebrations begin in the morning to commemorate Jesus Christ's Passion, crucifixion and death. This day is also to reflect on the suffering Christ endured on the cross. The evening ceremony symbolizes the burial of Christ. The symbolic grave of Christ, decorated with flowers and tree branches, is carried around the church.
At the beginning of the day we travel to Kotayk, the western province of Armenia. At the entrance to the Upper Azat Valley you will visit the Monastery of Geghard which dates back to the 13th century. In 2000, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trip continues onwards to Garni. We admire the symphony of stones, the wonderful ensemble of organ pipes made of basalt. We will climb up to the pagan temple of Garni dating back to the 1st century AD. Leisure time.

Day 8 April 15, Yerevan: History Museum -Tsitsernakaberd
Holy Saturday is a day of silent prayer and meditation on the Christ's death. After the evening prayer, a new day begins. This festive evening symbolizes the end of Lent.
Another day in Yerevan. We will visit the History Museum, representing the history of Armenia from its earliest settlement in the Stone Age to the present day. After lunch we explore Tsitsernakaberd, the Museum and the Memorial of Genocide. Free time for individual discoveries.

Day 9 April 16, Easter in Yerevan - Zvartnots - Echmiadzin - Aknashen - Yerevan
In Christianity, Easter is an annual celebration commemorating the resurrection of Christ. On Easter day believers greet each other with greetings such as "Christ is risen from the dead. Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!". Among various traditional Easter foods are hard boiled eggs dyed red. Easter Season begins on Easter Day and lasts 50 days, ending on Pentecost.
Exploration trip to Etchmiadzin, the most important religious center of Armenia. On the way we will visit the ruins of the circular Cathedral of Zvartnots and St. Hripsime Church. Both date back to the 7th century. Later on, we will pay a visit to the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin. The trip continues to the village of Aknashen. Exciting encounters and warm hospitality will invite you to the Armenian table, interesting conversations, laughter and joy. You will get the unique opportunity to take part in the preparation of Lavash, traditional Armenian flat bread and taste Armenian specialties in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Full of splendid impressions we drive back to Yerevan. Preparation for journey back home.

Day 10 April 17, Return flight 
Transfer to the airport. End of our services.


Price per Person: 990 €
Single room surcharge: 120 €
Small group: 4-12 people

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All transfers and transportation

Local English speaking guide
Geologist (1 day)
Architect (1 day)

Accommodation, Food, Drinks
9 nights in comfortable hotels (double room)
Full Board
Drinking Water

All entrance tickets

Travel preparation
Travel documentation

*International flight is not included in the price.


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