Agrotourism in Armenia

Villages in Armenia are small paradises of loving traditions and customs with their own flavor, dialect and with caring people, who always have an open heart for the guests. You can create personal contacts and feel warmth from local people every day. The experience will touch your heart deeply and remain unforgotten.

950 €
24 August-03 September 2017

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Kaum zu glauben, aber wahr: ich werde schon 2799 Jahre alt. Zu diesem Anlass lade ich Sie herzlich ein, meine Gäste zu sein und mitzufeiern. Auch die, die mich noch nicht kennen, aus nah und fern, sind herzlich eingeladen.

590 €
04-11 October 2017

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Gourmet Tour in Armenia

Making a gourmet journey in Armenia means exploring a delightful combination of culture and cuisine. The local cuisine is not only a pleasure but a healthy life. We invite you to discover the colorful culinary traditions and atmosphere in the beautiful regions and taste very special dishes.

990 €
15-23 May 2017

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Little Armenia

ARATOURS cordially invites you to explore the highlights of Armenia within a short but colorful week. Enjoy the charming landscapes of the vast plains and rugged mountains, up to the breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Ararat. 

650 €
29 March-05 April 2017

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On Musical Paths

Armenia - home to one of the oldest peoples of the Orient - invites you to an unforgettable experience. Discover Armenia on musical paths!

1420 €
26 June-07 July 2017

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