Anapat - Lastiver

Magnificent landscapes - rocks and caves, forests and waterfalls, lovely hikes, campfire, wooden huts and exchange of ideas.... 

Located in the Tavush province, the caves in the picturesque valley of the river Khachakhpyur contain evidence of the earliest architectural attempts of mankind: ragged and yet powerful. The “small Anapat’’, located in a lush jungle-like forest, comprises both naturally-cut and picturesque artificial grottoes hollowed by human hands. The latter dates from the prehistoric times until the Middle Ages.

The caves of Lastiver lie at a distance of 3km from Yenokavan village. Inscriptions on the cave walls are from the 13th – 14th C. Some years ago two hospitable brothers created a forest camp, where now you have the possibility to relax amidst a pleasant natural atmosphere and refresh yourself.