Karmir Blur

Karmir Blur was built by the Urartian King II in the 7th century to make up for the loss of Erebuni located several kilometers southwest. The Meder and Scythians looted and burnt it down around the year 590. However, despite these devastations, it has been well- preserved up until today thanks to the firmly established foundations.

The city itself covers an area of around 30 hectares. It was built around a large courtyard, through which one could reach the main building. The latter housed around 150 premises: chambers, workrooms, warehouses and granaries. The astonishing spaciousness of the warehouses, as well as the quantity and variety of food found (cereals, fruits, wine, oil and beer) evidence the wealth of the Arax valley, which the Urartians knew to manage prudently.

Archeological excavations have revealed spectacular historic finds, discovered on the site of the fortress. Among the finds are ceramic shards, made of bronze, ivory statues and other items, weapons and armor made of bronze and iron, as well as numerous administrative documents.