Lori Berd

The medieval castle Lori-Berd is located in northern Armenia, on the right bank of the Dzoraget River. Only a few ruins of the castle have been preserved to days. Along with stunning nature, those ruins belong to the historic nature reserve. 

The monastery was built by Armenian King David Anhogin (989-1048). It used to be the center of the Tashir-Dzoraget Kingdom during the period from the 10th to the 12th century. Earlier, Lori-Berd was located on a territory surrounded by deep gorges of the rivers Miskhan and Dzoraget. In the 10th century, the castle was built here. Its acropolis occupied an area of 9 ha and was surrounded by mighty defensive walls, about 200m long. Along the walls, there was the barrier filled with water. The gates to the citadel were on the northeastern part of the castle.