Armenia - Georgia

From Ararat to the Caucasus

Two ancient civilizations which developed a rich culture and authentic traditions over thousands of years. We offer you a unique itinerary which lets you immerse yourself into the picturesque landscapes.

1990 €
10 May - 25 May 2018

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Armenia - Artsakh

At the dawn of Armenian Christianity

Since the very beginnings of Christianity, the adoption of language, the alphabet and the church formed a tightly interwoven bond. This "trinity" unites all Armenians worldwide.

1250 €
01 June - 11 June 2018

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Wine Tour in Armenia and Georgia

The viticulture in Armenia and Georgia has  more than 3000-year-old tradition and is an integral part of the historical heritage. For generations, traditions and modernity keep going together offering fine wines that delight the palate.

1650 €
04-15 October 2018

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